10 reasons to buy now

Even though the federal  tax credit may not make a come back, there are lots of reasons why it is still a great time to purchase a property. 

One of the most important factor that affects most buyers is interest rates.  As the rate gets higher, the amount of money a person can qualify for would be less. Interest rates have been really low historically speaking and with the problems we are facing today, the rates will go back up.  I don’t think interest rates will ever be lower then what they are today.  30 years ago, I thought I would never see rates as low as they are today.  We could see rates as high as 18%, just like it was in 1981, or even more.

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One thought on “10 reasons to buy now”

  1. Jon

    Excellent information for all those that are sitting on the fence. With historic low interest rates and an abundance of inventory on the market. This is the “perfect storm” for a buyer’s market. Do you believe in Karma? Well….it’s about time that the buyers have a fair chance of getting into a home without having to over bid as we have seen in the past.

    Buy low…..sell high!!!

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