3rd month of increased home sales

With January increase of home sales, it could be a sign that things maybe turning around.  Property sales increased 2.7%, nationally, and represents the first time in 7 months that sales were higher then a year ago.  23% of the sales were by investors and there was an increase of all cash purchases representing the highest level ever.  

Even though we are having economic problems, it is still a great time to purchase a property.  Interest rates are still pretty low and there are plenty of inventory.  This will change, but when?  Why not get something now and grow with your investment.  If you are ready, here are 5 affordable areas and 5 very expensive areas.  No matter where you go, the prices are definitely less then the were in 2007. 

Sales in San Francisco has been steady and returning to a healthy pace.  Sales rose by 20.7% from a year ago, January 2010. 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to realize your dream of owning your own home.  You might be surprised to know that it could be cheaper or as much as your rent.     

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