How is your house doing?

In many areas in the nation, there are areas that are cheaper to buy a home then to rent.  You now can find a home for $100,000 in New York and through out the country including Hawaii. 

It may seem like some areas have not been affected by the economy but that is not true.   The properties that sell really quickly are usually the cream of the neighborhood.   

The Bay Area has been hit as well but not as bad as other areas.  It will be a while before we get out of this mess.

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One thought on “How is your house doing?”

  1. Jeff Tung

    I agree that the property values in San Francisco and the peninsula have stabilized but what will happen when the next wave of foreclosures start to hit the market place. I believe San Francisco and the peninsula prices may be affected, but not as bad as the rest of the nation. As long as this area continue to have employment opportunities, access to affordable mortgage rates, and easier underwriting guidelines for approving loans, people will buy homes and help stablize the market. Do you agree?

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