District 3 of San Francisco

This neighborhood is located on the southwest corner of San Francisco, south of district 2, the Sunset.   It also borders the ocean and has a number of interesting places to visit like, Lake Merced, U.S. Military Reserve, Golden Gate National recreation Area, the Olympic Club, the San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco State University and more.

There are nine neighborhoods:

Lake Shore
Merced Heights
Pine Lake Park
Merced Manor
Ingleside Heights

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District 2 of San Francisco

This area, the Sunset district,  is located on the west side of San Francisco and boarders the south side of Golden Gate Park. It is mainly a residential neighborhood and is next to the ocean as well, “Ocean Beach”. The following are the neighborhoods in this district:

Golden Gate Heights
Inner Parkside
Outer Parkside
Outer Sunset
Central Sunset
Inner Sunset


Courtesy of San Francisco Board of REALTORS

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District 1 of San Francisco

This area is located on the north west side of San Francisco.  It is mainly a residential neighborhood and is next to the ocean, “Ocean Beach”.   The following are the neighborhoods in this district:

Central Richmond

Inner Richmond

Outer Richmond

Sea Cliff


Lone Mountain

Jordan Park / Laurel Heights

Presidio Heights


District 1

Courtesy of San Francisco Board of REALTORS

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San Francisco, California, the City by the Bay

There are so many different areas of San Francisco to see and enjoy.  Every district has something  unique.  Whether you’re looking for great places to eat, or going shopping, or looking some  for entertainment, or just about anything, San Francisco has it all.  

                                                 SF Overall City Video

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Prequalifying for mortgage – Determine how much house you can afford

Provided by Guest Blogger

Taking out a mortgage loan is definitely a huge step. Before you go out for house-hunting, it’s better to assess exactly how much you can afford. To assess the affordability, it’s advisable to opt for prequalification. This actually helps to plan ahead and take out a reasonable mortgage loan.

How home buyers may decide their affordability?

Now, the question may arise, how home buyers may evaluate their affordability. The answer includes lots of aspects. As a prospective home buyer you need to go through some essential phases and decide the exact amount that you can borrow. Before, there was a formula that numerous people used to find out the affordability. As per the formula, a person is capable of borrowing three times of his gross annual income. However, in the changing economy, the formula doesn’t work enough. So, it’s better to have a more realistic approach. Here: http://www.mortgagefit.com/calculators/howmuch-afford.html is how homebuyers may determine the amount they can afford.
1. Prequalification and preapproval are essential: When it comes to deciding the affordability, nothing can be more important than prequalification and preapproval. However, preapproval is supposed to be the most essential one. Most of the lenders find it safe to deal with borrowers who are preapproved. For both the formalities, you need to contact lenders. You need to provide your basic financial details to the lender. After evaluating those details, the lender will decide approximately how much you can afford to borrow. You may ask for prequalification letter as well. The letter will officially state that the evaluations have been done on the basis of your credit score. To be on the safe side, don’t only depend on prequalification. You should also opt for preapproval as this will specify that the loan amount is officially guaranteed. The lender approves the amount after thoroughly checking your credit history, financial condition and other important financial details. So, preapproval is more accurate. Make it a point not to miss these 2 formalities to be sure of your affordability.
2. Mortgage calculators help: Mortgage calculator is the tool that will make the evaluation even more faster. Numerous financial websites offer the home affordability calculator for the convenience of the borrowers. These calculators can be used for free and they are accurate also. You can also use the mortgage prequalification calculators. These calculators make it easier to estimate the price of the property that you can afford. The estimation will be done on the basis of your debt profile and total income. You’ll have to provide your gross annual income, your monthly debt payments, property taxes, the interest rate and loan term to calculate what you can afford. The calculators don’t take much time for the evaluation either. Just search properly and find out the best calculator from a trustworthy website.
3. Checking the credit history helps a lot: The credit history of the borrower matters a lot. Wherever, you’ll decide to take out a mortgage the first thing that your lender will check is your credit report. Your credit score will let the lender assume, exactly how much you’ll be able to borrow and pay off responsibly. This is actually an essential formality for every lender. Your credit score will somehow let you know what your financial standing is. A credit score, as high as 750, proves that you’re financially stable without much debt problems. So, with a healthy credit score, you can easily convince the lenders and get affordable rates. You can check your credit report for free. Just request the three major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for a copy of your credit report. If your credit score isn’t that strong, then it’ll be better to improve your score first. Otherwise it may turn really difficult to get preapproved for a reasonable mortgage loan.
Following these 3 tips will actually help to decide your affordability and get prequalified for your desired loan. So, just follow these tips rigorously.


What do the buyers say?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!  It’s that time of the year when real estate sales starts to slow down and everybody is shopping for gifts instead of homes.  However, there are still buyers out there looking to purchase a home before the year is over.  If you’re thinking of selling, find out what buyers want and don’t want.  This could help you get your home sold faster.  If you live in areas that have increased in value, you may want to cash in now.   If you’re having problems keeping your home, at least you will not be responsible for paying taxes on the loan you didn’t pay off.

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It’s good time to be thankful

REALTY WORLD-Success is thankful for the opportunity to help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.  We really appreciate all of our clients, friends and relatives who have supported us since 1986.  Without the support, the company would not be here today.  We are also grateful for the sacrifices our soldiers make for our country.


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Buyers are optimistic about the market!

Thinking of selling in the near future?  If you are, buyers are out there with a positive attitude about home ownership.  Since the big recession, buyers believe it is still a good time to purchase their home before they get priced out.  So if you’re planning to sell, there are buyers out there ready to purchase your home.   Don’t wait too long or you’ll miss all of the excitement.


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