District 2 of San Francisco

This area, the Sunset district,  is located on the west side of San Francisco and boarders the south side of Golden Gate Park. It is mainly a residential neighborhood and is next to the ocean as well, “Ocean Beach”. The following are the neighborhoods in this district:

Golden Gate Heights
Inner Parkside
Outer Parkside
Outer Sunset
Central Sunset
Inner Sunset


Courtesy of San Francisco Board of REALTORS

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District 1 of San Francisco

This area is located on the north west side of San Francisco.  It is mainly a residential neighborhood and is next to the ocean, “Ocean Beach”.   The following are the neighborhoods in this district:

Central Richmond

Inner Richmond

Outer Richmond

Sea Cliff


Lone Mountain

Jordan Park / Laurel Heights

Presidio Heights


District 1

Courtesy of San Francisco Board of REALTORS

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San Francisco, California, the City by the Bay

There are so many different areas of San Francisco to see and enjoy.  Every district has something  unique.  Whether you’re looking for great places to eat, or going shopping, or looking some  for entertainment, or just about anything, San Francisco has it all.  

                                                 SF Overall City Video

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San Francisco properties heating up for the summer

Due to lack of inventory, San Francisco is really heating up for the summer.   The Median Sales Price was up 35.6 % to $1,055,000 for single family homes and 18.2 % to $827,500 for Condo/TIC/Coop properties.  Supply of Inventory decreased 23.1 % for single family units and 36.4 % for Condo/TIC/Coop units.

You can almost say good by to the 3% loans.  Interest rates are going up as well.  Making it even harder for buyers to purchase anything in San Francisco.  But, loans are still cheap, don’t wait until they reach double digits again.



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Is your area getting better?

It’s been 6 years since the reccession started.  Do you think things are better?  In my area, San Francisco Peninsula & San Francisco, are definately on the rebound.  I hope yours is doing the same.

Apr 2013.JPG





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Still a good time to buy a home


This is a good time to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area!!!

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Is the real estate market improving?

My buyers are still experiencing multiple offer situations with all of the available listings here on the San Francisco peninsula,  especially with homes that are priced under $500,000.  They are getting frustrated and some have stopped searching all together.  All I can say is to hang in there and something will come your way.  This is still the best time to buy something while interest rates and home prices are still low.   Multiple offers will continue if the inventory continues to be scarce.  There might be some relief soon as banks start to release their huge shadow inventory.  It is estimated that there is more then a million homes that are being held.  Will this HELP?  I hope so. 

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San Francisco healthy?

As we are getting into the last quarter of the year, San Francisco and the Bay Area have gone through a lot of changes.  They could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.  As I have mentioned on another post, what will the city be like in the next 5 years?  I believe it should be at a point of recovery.  We’ll see.

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How is your house doing?

In many areas in the nation, there are areas that are cheaper to buy a home then to rent.  You now can find a home for $100,000 in New York and through out the country including Hawaii. 

It may seem like some areas have not been affected by the economy but that is not true.   The properties that sell really quickly are usually the cream of the neighborhood.   

The Bay Area has been hit as well but not as bad as other areas.  It will be a while before we get out of this mess.

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CAR home sales report for August

Are you wondering what your home is worth these days?  The California Association of REALTORS have published the results.  Some areas have experienced some appreciation.  My guess is that the valueshave bottomed out and are starting to go up.  San Francisco and the peninsula home values seem to be doing better then a lot of other areas. 

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